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The Astounding Science Puzzle Book

Matt Brown



ISBN: 9781849945011

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 4 October 2018

Category: Games

An engaging and witty puzzle book for science fans all over the world.

The Astounding Science Puzzle Book features a series of mini quizzes of 5–10 questions on quirky topics, including ‘Five questions about things that smell bad’, or ‘A quiz through the solar system’, with one question for each planet, or ‘An elementary quiz’, where all the answers are made up from symbols from the periodic table.

This handsome book makes exploring maths, physics, chemistry and biology exciting and challenging, and is perfect for any quiz lover. 

The book is interleaved with puzzles, including witty anagrams, logic puzzles, dingbats and other illustrated puzzles. A grand, multipart puzzle will weave continuously through the book, and be the hardest to solve.


Matt Brown holds degrees in Chemistry (BSc) and Biomolecular Science (MRes). He has served as a scientific editor and writer at both Reed Elsevier and Nature Publishing Group, and has contributed to several previous science books, including Defining Moments in Science (2008, Cassell) and 1001 Inventions That Changed the World (2009, Cassell). He served as the Royal Institution’s quizmaster for several years, and has also put on science quizzes for the Royal Society, Manchester Science Museum, STEMPRA and the Hunterian Museum. He recently gave a lecture about Michael Faraday while rotating around the London Eye. With comedian Helen Keen, he co-hosted a series of successful ‘Spacetacular!’ science-themed stage shows, culminating in a sell-out 2013 show at Leicester Square Theatre. Matt is also the author of London Day and Night (2015, Batsford), as well as forthcoming books Everything You Know About London is Wrong and Everything You Know About England is Wrong (also from Batsford). He also serves as Editor-at-Large of