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The Magic of Watercolour Flowers

Step by step techniques and inspiration

Paul Riley



ISBN: 9781849942812

Price: £19.99

Publication date: 11 June 2015

Category: Practical Art

Watercolour is the ideal medium for painting flowers due to its wonderful translucency and in his new book, The Magic of Watercolour Flowers, Paul Riley shows readers how to paint colourful, vibrant flower paintings. He explains how to achieve exciting special effects in your flower compositions by using certain textural techniques, such as soft edges, and different light sources to make the most out of watercolour’s natural translucency and create mood for your paintings.

Paul Riley encourages readers to be more adventurous in their paintings by adding figures and still life objects to their compositions, which can lend character and personality to a painting. There are many step-by-step paintings and useful tips and techniques throughout with chapters on flower markets, flowers in the garden, flowers in the landscape and a fascinating section showing how to combine imaginative decorated still life objects with flowers. In addition, Paul Riley shows how to use collage to create exciting  and unexpected compositions.

Capturing the beauty of flowers in watercolour has been the aim of painters for centuries and in this book, Paul Riley, inspires and encourages readers to take their watercolour flower paintings a step further, to make the most of the medium’s natural versatility.


In the 1960s Paul Riley was the youngest painter to have his work exhibited at the Royal Academy.  He has exhibited at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour, the Royal Watercolour Society and a number of private galleries.

He is author of Flower Painting, Watercolour Landscapes and Watercolour Workshop and established the very successful Coombe Farm Studios Art Centre in Devon.