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York City Guide


Angela Royston



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Price: £5.00

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Category: Lifestyle & Gardening

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For hundreds of years York was England’s second city, a thriving and prosperous port. Now, encircled by its ancient walls and with its beloved historic stone minster, the city is loved by visitors from all across the world.

A small city with layers built up since Roman times by successive communities, York has a rich history with fascinating contrasts of the ancient and the modern. Visit the awe-inspiring limestone Minster in the centre of York, still the tallest building in the city, or learn about iconic locomotives in the National Railway Museum. The arrival of chocolate companies Terry’s and Rowntree’s in the 19th century has made York’s Chocolate Story the perfect destination for those with a sweet tooth.

This detailed guide provides a choice to two walks that show the best that York has to offer, with extra places to visit and diversions for visitors with more time. The city’s gardens and museums are listed as well as shopping areas, accompanied by beautiful colour photographs of locations within York.


An indispensable guide for tourists visiting York and locals wishing to learn more about the city.


Also available in: English, French, German, Japanese.


A prolific writer, Angela Royston is the author of numerous non-fiction books for children, ranging from preschool to middle grade readers.

In addition to this, she has authored many historical Pitkin guides, titles including King Henry VIIIMary Queen of Scots, and The Six Wives of Henry VIII.