1000 Great Craft Designs - 1000 Great Glass Painter's Motifs (1000 Great Craft Designs): Second edition

By Alan D. Gear

With 1,000 great motifs that range from animals to Victorian flowers, this jam-packed collection is the one volume that glass painters “must “have   It contains a wealth of inspiration for any crafter in need of an idea to launch a fabulous project.

Have you ever been stuck for an idea or need just a little something to launch your project off the ground? If you’re looking for a wealth of inspiration, ‘The Glass Painter’s Motif Library’ is a jam-packed collection of over 1000 motifs, waiting to stimulate your artistic nature. From animals to Victorian flower designs, decorative borders to Art Deco panels, each category is chock-full of designs to keep you constantly inspired. If you’re new to the craft of glass painting, the 16 detailed pages of outlining and transferring techniques guide you through the basics with ease. Each motif has been carefully selected by expert glass painters and translated into a user-friendly outline drawing that can simply be traced off and outlined onto glass or film.


This extensive collection includes chapters on flowers, nursery, birds, insects, celestial, knots and the seashore. Moreover, a techniques chapter exploring handy hints on how to make an outline bag and how to transfer a template onto curved glass or mirror make the process a breeze. If you want to elevate your glass paintings to a new level, look no further – this resource brims with a wealth of designs that will transform your crafts into works of art.