60 Classic Car Games

By Eric J. Kos

Packed with brilliant car games for the whole family.

Car journeys can be a right pain in the bum. Not just because it means hours and hours of sitting down but also because trying to keep the kids happy, content and amused for all that time can be difficult, stressful and can lead to unhappy campers. With 60 Classic Car Games those days are over.

This hilarious, fun and entertaining book is packed with nifty car games to keep the kids amused, so they won’t need to distract mums and dads. Parents will no longer be pulling their hair out with frustration and instead the whole family will arrive at their destination in one, sane piece!

Includes the much-loved games Pub Cricket, Red Car!, Aggressive Carrot!, I Spy!. Bing Who?, Hide and Seek, Rock, Waving Chicken plus many, many more!

Entertaining and fun, 60 Classic Car Games is the perfect book for all the family!