Agent Provocateur: 69

By Paul Farrell

It’s Showtime. Toss aside your latest read and get to grips with the real thing – Agent Provocateur are back with a beautifully bound collection of their most erotic tales yet. Ever ready to please and amuse, these tales of lust and adventure will take you out of your daily life and into the sensuous world of Agent Provocateur. 69 is a flip-sided volume. Open the first ”pink” half and titillating tales of the boudoir will delight and amuse. Turn the book over and delve into the ”black” side and tales of a darker nature ensue. Illustrated throughout with erotic line drawings, this book is truly an object of desire. Written for the modern woman, these stories allow the reader to live vicariously through the scantily clad and ever changing erotic world of Agent Provocateur. Positively bursting with erotic short stories to tantalise and enthrall, we will broaden your sexual fantasies, and may even inspire your next adventure.