Auckland Then and Now®

By Sandrine Voillet

After the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in February 1840 the new Governor of New Zealand, William Hobson, chose the site of Auckland as his new capital and named it after George Eden, Earl of Auckland, who was then Viceroy of India. He also named the hill with the best view of the harbour, Maungawhau, Mount Eden.

Since that time, the city has thrived, driven by a variety of businesses including a gold rusg. Auckland Then and Now pairs up vintage streetscenes from the Victorian era through to the 1950s, to show how the city has changed in over 150 years of development.

Sites include: The Ferry Building, Viaduct Basin, Queen Street, Victoria Street, the Town Hall, Karangahape Road, Albert Park, War Memorial, Newmarket, Mount Eden, One Tree Hill, Mission Bay, St. Heliers, Harbour Bridge, Devonport and Takapuna Beach.