Easy Toys to Knit: Cute and cuddly dolls, animals and toys

By Paul Farrell

Adorable, soft and colourful, and just the right size for little hands, knitted toys are the ideal gift for children of all ages. Many of the toys come complete with their own alternative outfits or additional accessories and will be welcome additions to any child’s cuddly collection.

As well as imaginative dolls, traditional animals and a cute teddy, Tracy Chapman has included a selection of nursery toys for the very young child – a ball, blocks with intarsia lettering and a rattle with a bell, for example. The projects range from the simple to the more complex, and utilize a wide variety of knitting skills. Each pattern is carefully explained, with clear charts and detailed instructions, so even the less experienced knitter will find them easy to follow.

Whether you want an easily made gift or a more complex knitting project to really get into, these loveable patterns will inspire you to pick up your needles and get started.