Extreme Golf: The World's Most Unusual, Fantastic and Bizarre Courses (mini edition)

By Paul Farrell

Golf is no longer the elite sport it once was. Its ever increasing popularity has led to players searching out more novel and adrenaline-fuelled ways to play the game. Traditional courses are no longer enough for many of today’s golfers – they are looking for clean extreme – where the rough is patrolled by animals and the greens are sometimes whites. From sweltering courses in the desert to the freezing cold ice golf championships in Greenland, and from eroticly shaped bunkers in lush surroundings in France to harsh and hazardous surfaces in Kabul, ‘Extreme Golf’ is a journey around the world’s most geographically extreme, climatically challenging, dangerous and uniquely designed courses. Divided into four chapters – ‘Location Location Location’, ‘In the Rough’, ‘Courses for Concern’ and ‘Golf by Design’ – this book will open the eyes of both the well-practised and armchair golfer.

Duncan Lennard’s light-hearted and engaging text is accompanied by breathtaking and often humorous photographs capturing the true spirit of extreme golf. In addition there are quotes interspersed throughout from golfers who have played on the courses and a gazetteer at the back of the book giving information on all the courses included and many more.