For the Love of an Orchard: Everybody's guide to growing and cooking orchard fruit

By Jane McMorland Hunter

Whether you fantasise about having a whole orchard, just a cherry tree in a pot, or even the perfect apple pie, this beautifully illustrated book bridges the gap between the special place orchards hold in our hearts and the practicalities of growing and cooking orchard fruit.

Orchards are found worldwide and this comprehensive book explores the traditions of fruit growing and the story of individual fruits, as well as providing delicious recipes and general cultivation advice. As interest grows in sustainability, the preserving of heritage varieties and in organic produce, this book is a timely celebration of tree fruit and its enjoyment.

There is a growing demand for inspirational books on growing fruit

Picks up on the current interest in organics and the sourcing of food

Features history and traditions, cultivation advice and recipes

Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs, illustrations and diagrams