Good Housekeeping Drop a Dress Size

By Good Housekeeping Institute

Find yourself in a constant battle with the scales? You’re not alone. Most of us
struggle with our weight – no matter what we do, those pesky pounds creep
back on. Dukkan, Atkins, Cabbage Soup… there are so many diets from which to
choose. But what we really need to do is target the causes of excess weight and
change how we think about, and choose, the food we eat.

Good Housekeeping Drop a Dress Size is a diet with a difference. It breaks
down all your eating habits – from breakfast on-the-go and workplace snacking,
to eating out and cooking at home – so you can pinpoint temptation
troublespots and make healthy changes. Learn how to identify common diet
traps and decode food labels so you can make informed, guilt-free decisions.
And the best bit? Nothing is off-limits – so there’s no need to give up the
chocolate cake. Instead, the book shows how to practice better portion control,
and make simple but effective swaps and substitutions. Eating on-to-go? Find
out how the high-street sandwiches fare in calorie count, and what it takes to
burn them off. No time to exercise? Find out how to squeeze in a low-sweat
workout into your busy routine.

Good Housekeeping Drop a Dress Size is the ultimate guide to pain-free dieting.
Packed with shopping tips and realistic goals this easy-to-stick-to plan will get
you back in those skinny jeans, and change your life for good.