I’ll Bake!: Something delicious for every occasion

By Liberty Mendez

In this book, classically trained chef Liberty Mendez shares the joy that baking, entertaining and feeding her friends brings her, with over 85 failsafe recipes that are at once impressive and effortless.

Delicious baking recipes that work with a busy lifestyle. In this book, Liberty Mendez shares the handy tips and techniques she’s learnt from her many years recipe-testing and working as a professional pastry chef, and shows you how to make cakes, bakes, puddings and snacks that work every time, and will always impress your friends, flatmates and family.

Whether you’re pulling together a quick snack or comforting pudding with whatever is left in the fridge, creating a cake that you can take to your friend’s birthday without fear of it falling apart on the night bus, or cooking an impressive dinner party dish after a couple of glasses of wine, I’ll Bake! has the perfect dish for every occasion, no matter your mood.

Each of the over 85 recipes can be made in just five steps or under, making the recipes super easy to follow. There’s an at-a-glance guide to which recipes are vegan, dairy free and gluten free, with time-saving tips and easy alternatives so you can swap out ingredients to suit, as well as Liberty’s guide to entertaining with ease and handy hints on baking tin and tray hacks so you can always bake, even with limited kitchen equipment. Each of the chapters is accompanied by a Spotify soundtrack Liberty has compiled to set the mood, and bring the joy to baking.

Whether it’s Paloma Marmalade (grapefruit marmalade given an uplift with a dash of tequila and salt), warming Hog Roast Sausage Rolls, indulgent Triple Cheese French Toast Bake, a Fridge-Raid Crumble with Proper Custard, a perfectly set Espresso Custard Tart or a nostalgic Coconut and Jam Pudding that can be made in minutes in the microwave, Liberty will equip you with the confidence and enthusiasm to bake it just right, every time.