Je T'aime: The Language of Love for Lovers of Language

By Paul Farrell

Just as a rose would smell as sweet by any other name, so it is with love. Love is powerful, enduring, and magical in any language. For “Je T’Aime”, word expert Erin McKean has scoured the world looking for the most colourful and seductive expressions to honour your loved one, and among the more than forty-six languages featured in this book, you’re sure to find the right things to say. From the romantic ‘hubbak yidhaw wibni’ (Arabic, meaning ‘your love makes me melt away’) to the delightfully descriptive ‘cinta monyet’ (Indonesian for ‘monkey love’, similar to ‘puppy love’), there’s a phrase or word here for everyone who loves. Perhaps you can impress your beloved by telling them you are ‘vliuben do ushi’ (Bulgarian for ‘in love up to your ears’), or discover that regardless of national boundaries the French, Italians, and Germans are all hit with similar bolts of lightning when they are lovestruck.