Knit London: Changing the Guard

By Paul Farrell

From Emma King’s astounding Knit London, you can now buy and create these great individual patterns. Convenient fixed format .epub file means that you can craft with your smart device at home and on the go. The beautiful design makes this more than a file, it’s an experience. Famous across the world, the Buckingham Palace guards are known for their bear skin hats and stony expressions. Knit this charming fellow to guard your mantel or bookcase or even as a special gift for a friend. Each pattern comes with detailed project photos and delightful illustrations. All abbreviations and special techniques are also included so you can knit with ease.

Other .epub Knit London patterns: Big Ben (9781908449795), Telephone Box (9781908449801), Black Cab (9781908449818), Routemaster Bus (9781908449825) Knit all of London in Knit London (9781908449085).