Secrets from an Italian Kitchen: Second edition

By Anna Venturi

“The success of a recipe does not depend on a religious devotion to instructions; it springs from the heart and requires enthusiasm and a genuine love of food”. Anna Venturi has both in abundance. In Secrets from an Italian Kitchen she shares her treasured tips that make Italian cooking so special.

‘Secrets from an Italian Kitchen’ is part of an exciting series of cookery books which is now in paperback. The books reveal the tried and tested secrets passed down from generation to generation through families. These tips and techniques are the key to successful cooking. Anna Venturi encourages you to leave behind all concerns about step-by-step cookery. Follow her approach and relax; you’ll be surprised how enjoyable and easy Italian cookery can be. Mouth-watering recipes such as Tagliolini con Pancetta e Zucchini (Courgettes and pancetta wih taglio(ini) and Scaloppine di pollo al limone con insalata verde (Chicken escalopes with lemon and mixed leaf salad), will suit every occasion, whether it is a simple family meal or a grand dinner party. Each recipe has its own secret and one of Anna’s suggestions for creating a rustic soup is to serve it with her special roasted bread, which is rubbed with a peeled garlic clove when hot to lend a distinctive garlic flavour to the soup. With many years experience as a cookery teacher, Anna makes learning the basic techniques a pleasure, providing reassuring advice on choosing the ripest fruits and vegetables, getting the cooking temperature right, and selecting the right utensils for every job. Once these basic skills are learnt, the rest will come naturally.