Simplicity Home Decorating Book: Step-by-step sewing techniques and easy-to-make soft furnishings

By Paul Farrell

Successful decorating is the artful blending of colours, patterns and textures to create a harmonious effect in the home.

Within these pages you’ll find a whole house of clever ideas, design tips and easy to make projects for sprucing up your home from window dressings of every type, to bed covers, cushions and a whole range of decorative accessories. You don’t need to be an expert sewer to follow the simple instructions and create stunning results – this comprehensive guide offers chapters of clear, step-by-step techniques and full colour pages containing plenty of inspirational ideas.

Whatever your sewing project in the home this is the one stop sewing reference you’ll want to turn to every time.

Chapters include:
Decorating Theory
Choosing Fabrics
Sewing Basics
Window Treatments
Walls and Ceilings
Bedding and Bed Decor
Table Linens