The Grumpy Git's Guide to Technology: The handbook for those who hate technology

By Ivor Grump

Ivor Grump is an analog bloke struggling to keep afloat in a digital world. He isn’t an early adopter, he’s an immediate shunner. Everywhere he turns he finds technology and gizmos encroaching into his world. When at last he’s forced to embrace consumer electronics – with all the enthusiasm of a bank vole nestling up to a peregrine falcon – he finds they go and change the device he’s studiously learned. Whether it’s the SatNav, his erratic computer, the Internet, TV remote controls, his mobile or the washing machine, Ivor is a man easily bewildered. But still he battles on, trying to work out which of his 17 remote controls will have any influence on the television. Along the way he takes large swipes at texting, downloads, MP3 players, voice (lack of) recognition, and suggests a new social networking web site for those of a similar technology-hating disposition – Grumpbook.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 06 Oct 2011
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-907554-40-7