The Healing Home: Practical Ways to Harmonize Your Home and Energize Your Spirit

By Steven Ash

We carry our own space with us wherever we go. We expand and soften it with meditation and relaxation and we contract and sharpen it with irritability and anger. In the space in front of us we carry our dreams and expectations; behind us we carry our memories, history and old baggage.

We live in houses with memories stored in the walls and wonder why we are affected by the atmosphere in certain rooms. But because our senses and intuition become so dulled by our stressful lives, we forget to look beyond what is physically obvious and to stop long enough to notice that which we can often feel instinctively with our whole being. Layers and layers of unwanted memories and negative and stagnant energies can build up within a home and within your very self, but they can all be removed and cleared simply and effectively – both from your home and from your inner spirit. The Healing Home explores the skills needed to do this, looking at both the ancient and modern perspective, and by using simple tools and exercises handed down from a variety of cultures and traditions.

Learn the value of using a medicine wheel, crystals, stones and symbols to help you create sacred space; find out how to use a smudging stick, bells and blessed water to refine the energies in your home; learn how to clear and purify the energy in a new home; and experience for yourself the very real benefits of keeping your inner self in balance with chakra cleansing, aura cleansing and grounding exercises.