The Photographer's Guide to Black & White

By John Freeman

The art of black and white, which used to be the preserve of the specialist photographer, has become mainstream in recent years. The medium can lend images a dynamic feel and photographers of all levels have embraced it. This book covers all areas that should concern the black and white photographer, including depth of field, exposure and learning to ‘see’ your canvas in black and white. Diagrams complement the issues raised and also the photographs. Equipment is discussed in detail from the most basic flash-gun to a professional studio set-up, as well as the best cameras to use in a variety of different situations. Subjects range from portraits in daylight and available light, landscapes, nudes, architecture, water, interiors and still lifes, to digital composites, turning colour images to black and white, using filters and the art of toning – all achieveable by even those with the most modest of equipment.