When I Were a Nipper…

By Sandrine Voillet

The follow-up title to the soar-away success of When I Were A Lad… (9781906032845 – sales approaching 100,000) and When I Were A School Lad…(9781907554148), When I Were A Nipper… comes from a time long before anyone dreamed up Cbeebies. When I Were A Nipper… takes the pain of miserable childhoods and concentrates on the under-sixes.

Tots are dangled off buildings, put in the custody of dogs, given baths in the street and used for unsuitable photo opportunities by unthinking parents. In turn they torment the family pet by dressing it up in a sailor suit or getting it to act as a golf tee.

When I Were A Nipper… is full of the same delightfully pre-health & safety shots from the 1930s, 40s and 50s that made the first two books a rip-roaring success.