All natural Lemon and Lime Hand Wash

Keep your hands clean and chemical free! With this easy-to-make fragrant lemon and lime hand wash from Alex Brennan’s natural beauty bible Fresh Faced Beauty, you can have a luxury product that won’t cost the planet.

By Alex Brennan

I can’t actually remember the last house I went into that didn’t have hand wash in the bathroom; the theory being that it’s more hygienic as germs can easily end up on soap and be passed to subsequent users. As I tend to use hand wash in place of soap, this is my go-to recipe for keeping clean. I keep a dispenser of this in both the kitchen and the bathroom, and seeing as citrus is such a popular smell, it’s also my favourite for gifts.

Makes about 170ml/5½fl oz/⅔ cup
Shelf life: 4 months
150ml/5fl oz/scant ⅔ cup liquid Castile soap
15–20 drops lemon essential oil
20–30 drops lime essential oil

Put the liquid soap in a glass bowl. Combine 15 drops lemon and 20 drops lime essential oil in a separate glass bowl, then add the combined oils to the liquid soap a few drops at a time, giving the mixture a stir with a fork after each addition. Sniff every now and then and keep adding (combining more lemon and lime if you need to) until the soap smells delicious.

Extracted from Fresh Faced Beauty by Alex Brennan, out now! Photograph by Rachel Whiting.

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