5:2 Vegetarian

By Paul Farrell

The 5:2 Diet, also known as The Fast Diet, is gaining momentum worldwide as
thousands of people who try it see how effective it is for weight loss and
improving their general well-being. Many books about the diet focus on fish and
meat and ignore the fact that as a vegetarian you are perfectly placed to follow
the diet with amazing low-calorie vegetables. This book makes fast days
interesting, fun and painless. Everything here is nutritious and vegetarian, with
many vegan-friendly recipes. Most recipes are also gluten-free. The fast-day
meal recipes are all super quick (30 minutes or less), accessible, satisfying, and
nutrient-rich, yet all under 300 calories. If you’re cooking for non-fasters, there
are suggestions for multiplying and bulking out the meals for family members.

With an introduction to the 5:2 lifestyle, advice on how to stock your kitchen,
and easy and delicious fast-day recipes for breakfast, snacks, main meals,
flavour bombs, drinks, weekly meal planners, calorie charts and plenty of fasting
tips, this is the book to change your life, for good.