Cats in Hats: Make Cat-hair Headgear for Your Feline Friends

By Rojiman and Umatan

Finally, there’s a headwear solution for fashionable felines – and a practical use for accumulated shed hair. Cats in Hats contains step-by-step instructions for constructing stylish hats out of excess fur, so your cat will soon be the belle of the furball as they transform into a magical unicorn, ferocious lion or even a birthday cake!

Welcome to Cats In Hats and admire the overwhelming cuteness of popular Instagrammers Rojiman and Umatan’s cats in their tiny cat-hair hats.

Is your cat a diva? Maybe it’s time to make her a crown! Or perhaps he’s a bit of a prankster – put on a joker hat! There’s one for every occasion, from birthdays to graduation. Don’t miss the Animal hats, from Elephant to Koala. Celebrate every annual festival with a Halloween Witch hat, Easter Bunny hat, and more. And amaze your cat with a character hat. From Princess Leia to Sherlock Holmes, whatever your cat’s personality, we have a hat for them.

With 300 hand-drawn step-by-step instructions for constructing 25 adorable hats, and colour photos of the authors’ own cats in their handmade headgear, Cats in Hats is a fun gift for any cat-lover or crafter. And with great tips from Rojiman and Umatan, you’ll be designing your own custom cat-hair creations in no time.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 27 Oct 2022
Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-0-00-858680-5
This cat-loving couple are from Tokyo, Japan and have been making cat-hair hats since 2016 – Umatan makes the hats and Rojiman takes the photos. Rojiman spent his childhood thinking that he loved only dogs, but it was love at first sight when he met Nya the cat. His interest in photography began because he wanted to capture all the wonderful looks cats give us. Umatan came up with the idea of making these hats when she looked at a pile of brushed fur from one of her cats and saw that it resembled a hat. The hats are showcased on Rojiman’s popular Instagram page as well as in British museums, Reuters, the Japan Times and on a line of Japanese stationery. / @rojiman.

Praise for Cats in Hats -

”'With detailed instructions and tips to make everything from witch’s hats to bunny ears, flower wreaths to crowns, there is truly a cat hat for every occasion in this niche but laugh-out-loud book.” - - The Daily Mail