Contemporary Embroidery: 12 exclusive designs to stitch

By Sarah K. Benning

Sarah K Benning’s first book of embroidery patterns contains full instructions for 12 exclusive designs. Her work is young, fresh and highly covetable. The patterns range from simple to complex – this is very much aimed at beginners who can pick up the book and develop their skills by working through the projects.

Self taught embroidery artist Sarah uses her thread more like ink or paint and invents or adapts stitches as she goes to create stunning embroideries of plants, crystals, mineral formations, tranquil seascapes and lunar phases. Readers will be encouraged to approach each piece as an illustration rather than a textile. Sarah’s patterns often abandon traditional stitches and techniques in favour of bold shapes, playful patterns, and contemporary subject matter. Designs are sketched onto fabric first, filled in with a foundation of satin stitch to create base colours, and then surface pattern is added on top. Her emphasis on drawing, composition, and colour choice keeps her work fresh and vibrant.

As well as the embroidery patterns, the book contains fascinating insight into Sarah’s unique technique and approach to embroidery. There is also a full breakdown of how to prepare hoops, the various stiches used and how to finish the hoops for hanging.

Sarah has built up a huge social media following, and currently sells finished pieces and patterns downloads from her Etsy shop.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 01 Jan 2022
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-911216-29-2