Cool - Cool Philosophy

By Daniel Tatarsky

Inside this philosophy-stuffed book are fifty fact-tastic ways to advance your thinking skills, so you’ll never be scratching your head in bemusement ever again.

Featuring the key philosophic principles of every philosopher you’ve heard of (and some you haven’t), from prominent ancient Greek thinkers such as Aristotle and Socrates to modern-day thinkers such as Bertrand Russell and Thomas Kuhn, Cool Philosophy is stuffed to the gills with amazing facts, tricks and stats to help you discover everything you need to know about what philosophy is – in a way you’ll never forget.

Word count: 20,000

Format: Hardcover
Ageband: 8 to 14
Release Date: 01 Nov 2015
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9781909396777

Daniel Tatarsky is the author of several books on popular culture and science, including Everything You Need To Know About and Cool Science Tricks. He lives in London and is also an actor.