Dahlias: Beautiful varieties for home and garden

By Naomi Slade and Georgianna Lane

For years dahlias have been dismissed for being garish, gaudy additions to gardens and arrangements, but when you find the right variety it’s hard to think of a better garden plant or more striking cut flower.

The next title in Pavilion’s series of stylish floral gardening guides celebrates the diversity and return to fashion of the dahlia.

This title explores the history of the dahlia from its Aztec origins and its highs and lows as a cultivated plant, to its current status as one of the most adored flowers on the planet. Pavilion’s guide to over 60 beautiful varieties reveals their charms and assets together with practical cultivation tips for any garden. Including classics like Café au Lait and Karma Choc, together with modern, dark-leaved stunners like the Mystic series, the varieties and forms range from perky pompons and lush dinner plates to those that resemble sea-anemones or spectacular fireworks!

With contemporary commentary on each bloom, easy-to-follow advice and glorious photography, this book will appeal to everybody who appreciates the glamour and versatility of the dahlia.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 02 Aug 2018
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-911595-25-0
Naomi Slade is a journalist, author and designer specialising in gardening, environment and lifestyle. A regular contributor to magazines including Gardens Illustrated and RHS The Garden, she has a long-running column in Garden News magazine and has written ten books. Winner of the Garden Media Guild Practical Journalist of the Year Award in 2022, Naomi has also presented on BBC Gardeners’ World and co-designed the Flood Re: Flood Resilient Garden for RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 2024.Georgianna Lane is one of the world’s leading floral and garden photographers whose images have been published internationally in books, magazines, calendars and lifestyle products. Her many books include Vintage Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas and Lilacs. She lives in Paris. Follow Georgianna on Instagram (@georgiannalane) or visit georgiannalane.com

'A comprehensive, quick-reference guide. This is a visually stunning book with superb photography, which makes it a beautiful experience to turn each page - a great introduction to the genus.' - Gardens Illustrated Magazine -

'Simply glorious.' - Daily Mail Weekend -

'Handsomely produced and lushly illustrated.' - The Irish Times -

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”Naomi Slade 'goes the extra mile, giving us added bits of useful information that can really help gardeners develop their practical knowledge.” - - Garden Media Guild Award Winner 2022

‘A colourful, informative book that is an inspiring read for anyone who loves these luxurious, abundant blooms..' - Gardens Illustrated -

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