By Suzy Taylor

Use the special guides in this book to doodle your own mandalas and then colour them in. It’s easy, fun and a real stress-buster!

Use the special guides in this book to doodle your own Mandalas and then colour them in.

It’s easy, fun and challenging – the designs get more complex as you work your way through the book! At the back of this book there are some extra templates so that you can design and doodle mandalas of your own. You can colour or stipple your designs when they are complete.

Start in the middle, using the dots and circular guides to form the shapes, and work outwards to build your Mandala. There are endless design possibilities. Use our examples to copy, or create beautiful shapes of your own.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 01 Apr 2017
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9781911042495

Suzy Taylor is best known for her work as a paper-cutting artist. Her work combines her love of folk art with her passion for tiny details. In fact, the more detail there is, the happier she is! Her colouring book The Colour of Love has sold internationally.