Fix Your Home

By Jane Moseley and Jackie Strachan

A stylish, practical guide to making your home beautiful and keeping it in tip-top condition.

Fix Your Home is an illustrated little guide to decorating and maintaining your home, aimed at young urban professionals who have just moved into their first flat. With no-nonsense writing and straightforward step-by-step instructions, it gives you all the basic home maintenance information you’ll ever need, including putting up shelves, hanging pictures, wallpapering a room, saving energy and when to admit defeat and get the professionals in. On top of that, it contains a wealth of inspiration for decorating your abode on a shoestring, from window treatments to flooring to stylish home offices. Read this book and you’ll be able to get all your home’s little eccentricities under control, leaving you to get on with living your busy and exciting life

Word count: 15,000

Format: ebook
Release Date: 16 Mar 2017
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-911042-86-0