Flowers Every Day: Inspired florals for home, gifts and gatherings

By Florence Kennedy

Florence Kennedy offers a unique, modern approach to flower arranging: breaking away from the stiff structure and formality of traditional floral displays, her floristry style is practical, accessible and achievable.

In Flowers Every Day, Florence shows how to create stylish flower arrangements at home. Divided into four main chapters – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – the projects are inspired by the comely joys of home, friendship and family gatherings, and are all constructed using seasonal flowers and foliage.

Explained step-by-step, the easy-to-follow projects range from simple hand-tied bouquets and vase arrangements, to floral chandeliers, wedding decorations and festive garlands and wreaths.

All the core skills are covered, from sourcing your blooms, choosing your hues, working with wire and floral foam and conditioning both flowers and foliage.

Florence’s stylish collection of seasonally inspired projects and hard-earned know-how will help complete beginners, flower enthusiasts and florists looking for new ideas. Flowers Every Day is the must-have book for anyone who loves having flowers in their home and revels in sharing them with others.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 18 May 2017
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-911216-30-8
Florence Kennedy set up Petalon, her ‘bouquets by bicycle’ flower delivery company, in 2013. Petalon sends stunning seasonal bouquets across London every week with the help of Kennedy City Bicycles (manufactured by Florence’s husband, James). Florence’s floral style focuses on the character of the flowers – letting their natural shape and movement dictate her work rather than creating designs that look manicured or forced. As Petalon’s popularity has grown, so has the demand for Florence’s floral expertise at weddings and events, which are now an integral part of her business alongside the flower deliveries.