How to Be A Chilli Head

By Andy Lynes

Welcome to the world of the chilli cult. All over the globe, people are getting together to grow chilli, taste chilli and make sauce hot enough to blow their heads off.

Competition among chilli -growers is fierce, and tall tales of dastardly deeds abound. This sizzling-hot book is your essential guide to the chilli world, with inside information on where to find the tastiest varieties, where to eat the best chilli -packed street food, and the race to produce the hottest chilli ever known.

Find out the secrets of chilli science – why a slug of water won’t help when your mouth’s on fire, what effect eating a super-hot chilli has on your body, and how do you measure how hot a chilli is? If you want to grow your own chilli, this book contains a wealth of foolproof cultivation tips, and, of course, there’s a delicious selection of chilli recipes to make with your first harvest.

Packed with features, facts and fun,How to Be a Chilli Headis the perfect gift for the chilli obsessive in your life.

Word count: 20,000

Author: Andy Lynes
Format: Hardcover (A Format)
Release Date: 01 Dec 2015
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781910232033

Andy Lynes edited the Metro newspaper\'s Good Taste food and drink pages. He also writes for the Independent on Sunday, The Times, Sainsbury\'s Magazine and Waitrose Food Illustrated, and has been nominated for the Glenfiddich Award. He lives in Brighton.