Knit Your Own Boyfriend

By Carol Meldrum

Finding the perfect man can be difficult, but this great new book has the answer – knit your own!

First decide what you want your knitted boyfriend to look like. Decide on his height, build and skin colour and then turn to the hairstyle gallery. There are woolly beards, moustaches, quiffs or dreadlocks to choose from.

Then decide what he does for a living. Like a man in knitted uniform? Make your boyfriend into a chef, doctor, a fireman or a policeman. Prefer something a little smarter? Knit a suit, tie and briefcase and make him into a lawyer, banker or accountant. Or if you want something more exciting, we have patterns to make an astronaut, rock star, surfer or even an explorer. Can’t decide? Mix and match our clothing patterns to create a whole wardrobe.

And the best thing about a knitted boyfriend? He doesn’t answer back!

Word count: 5,000

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 16 Jan 2014
Pages: 80
ISBN: 978-1-909397-38-5
Carol Meldrum has worked as a Design Consultant for Rowan Yarns and has worked on several bestselling books available from Collins & Brown including Knitted Icons and Knitlympics.