Putin: A Man's Manual of Manliness

By Edward Rainshed

A hilarious spoof gift book featuring everyone’s favourite Russian premier, with inspirational quotes, life advice and portraits of the main himself.

Putin: A Man’s Manual of Manliness will lead you into a wilderness world where only the fittest survive, where men are men, and every year a team of publicity supremos follow you on your annual vacation to photograph you in various poses to furnish your best-selling annual calendar. Pictured bare-chested astride a mighty steed, or plunging semi-naked into the icy water, Vlad cuts a fine figure of a ‘man’s man’. But when the hunting and fishing and posturing is done, it is possible to witness the softer side of Russia’s No.1 heartthrob premier. Canoodling with a puppy, or offering a hand of condolence to a semi-naked mixed martial arts fighter, Putin represents a new take on old-school masculinity.

Using carefully curated quotes and pictures, coupled with deluxe full-colour pin-up portraits of Putin at play and invaluable snippets of life advice from the man ‘himself’, this book offers a sometimes shocking but mostly hilarious picture of everyone’s favourite Russian action man.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 12 Dec 2019
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-911622-48-2
Edward Rainshed is a \'whistleblower\' who has devoted his whole life to infiltrating intelligence agencies and disseminating highly classified information. Or Edward Rainshed is the pseudonym of a team of writers of numerous political comedy books who were slightly worried about putting their names to this book.