Quilt Me!: Using inspirational fabrics to create over 20 beautiful quilts

By Jane Brocket

An exciting new title from the leading quilt author, Quilt Me! celebrates Jane Brocket’s liberated, joyous, colourful approach to quilting using wonderful fabrics and simple shapes and patterns to create stunning effects.

Taking ‘inspirational fabrics’ as its starting point, the book explores not only the
designs available in cotton, made-for-the-market quilt/patchwork fabrics, but
also moves into a new realm of alternative fabrics that can be used to make
beautiful, practical, usable quilts. It is as if a quilt-maker has walked into the
haberdasher’s of her dreams and has explored the many possibilities that
traditional fabrics offer, fabrics such as ticking, linen, gingham, tweed, tartan,
suiting, shirting, velvet, silk and calico.

With clear instructions for a fantastic variety of quilts, Quilt Me! recreates the
excitement, known to all quilters, of rummaging through a new stash of fabrics.
The author describes the joy to be found in a wonderful colour scheme, design
or pattern, as well as the aesthetic and practical advantages of making the most
of what we find in traditional fabric shops and in our textile heritage, finding
alternatives to quilt cottons, and casting a new eye over fabrics made for other
purposes such as clothes, curtains, upholstery and interior decoration.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 27 Mar 2014
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-909397-93-4
Jane Brocket is the author of many books including The Gentle Art of Knitting (9781843405320), The Gentle Art of Stitching (9781843406655) and Quilt Me! (9781908449252). She created her blog, yarnstorm, in 2005 to write about knitting, but the contents soon expanded to include many more of life\'s small pleasures, such as baking, quilting, sewing, gardening, books and films. It was named as one of the five best craft blogs in BBC Homes & Antiques magazine’s ’50 best blogs 2012’. For more information go to www.yarnstormpress.co.uk.