Teachers' Strangest Tales: Extraordinary but true tales from over five centuries of teaching

By Iain Spragg

A hilarious assortment of the weirdest and wackiest tales ever to come out of the classroom – and they’re all true.

Featuring the flamboyant swimming teacher who spent his spare time fighting bears, the story of how a fight with his teacher paved the way for Al Capone’s infamous crime empire, and the bizarre tale of the American teacher who sued her own pupils for not paying attention in her lesson, this book is a real education.

An ideal end-of-year teacher gift, this fascinating book is also a must-read for anyone who’s ever been to school. So stop talking at the back, pay attention and start reading!

Word count: 45,000

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 09 Jun 2016
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-910232-98-9
Iain Spragg is a London-based journalist and author with more than 15 years experience. His books include Twickenham: 100 Years Of Rugby’s HQ, The London Underground’s Strangest Tales, The Official Team GB and Paralympics GB Fact File and The Reduced History Of Rugby. His next book is The River Thames’ Strangest Talesand he currently writes for MSN UK, The International Rugby Board and the Football League.