Tex-Mex From Scratch

By Jonas Cramby

The tastes of Tex-Mex cooking are well-known and much loved – despite that,
most people don’t know how simple and tasty it is to prepare the food yourself,
from scratch. In the USA, this sort of properly made Mex food is rapidly gaining
in popularity: several of the trendiest young restaurateurs have left their
restaurants to start mobile food places in so-called Taco trucks.

It is from the US border states, rather than directly from Mexico, that we get our
inspiration for this book. Such as from Texas – with its robust Tex-Mex food
inspired by both their southern neighbor and by cowboy culture with its beans,
cheesy enchiladas and smoky BBQ. Or New Mexico – with its smoky, luxurious
and more authentic Mexican cuisine, and California – with its well-prepared Mex
food, so-called fresh Mex. Often made with fish and shellfish, and always
without using any semi-manufactured products, of course.

Beautiful images of settings are followed by simple recipes, entertaining Tex-
Mex stories and extremely nerdy tips like where on the hamburger one really
should put the accessories, or why it ought to be forbidden to mix your
guacamole. This book is planned with an introductory chapter where the reader
can learn the basics of Tex-Mex cooking: how to make your own tortillas, deep
fry your own nacho chips, knock together the perfect guacamole, make the
hottest chilli sauce, make your own BBQ smoker and so on. Then there are
separate chapters on: side dishes; tacos, enchiladas and burritos; salads and
soups; BBQ; sandwiches and hamburgers; desserts; drinks.

Format: Digital download
Release Date: 03 Apr 2014
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-909815-50-6