The Pie Room

By Calum Franklin

Chef Calum Franklin of Holborn Dining Room, London, reveals the classic art of pie-making for a contemporary audience.

After coming across a complex and intricate pie mould in the basement of the five-star London hotel Calum’s restaurant is set within, he turned his culinary expertise to pie-making. After spending a year practising with the tin, using it methodically, noting down steps that worked, cooking times and temperatures, finally, Calum produced something he deemed of a high enough standard to make the restaurant menu. That first old-fashioned pie was the beginning of something new for Holborn Dining Room – a fascination with lost skills and a revival of the handcraft and techniques involved in pie-making that had been left behind.

After the success of the first handmade pie on the menu, more savoury pie dishes came and, with it, the creation of a dedicated pie menu to celebrate classic British pies. In order to achieve this dream, and maintain the incredibly high standards of the rest of the menu, Calum designed and built a kitchen with the best conditions for producing pies within, and now he hopes to share his secret to success with an audience of home cooks wanting to replicate his masterpieces at home.

There are basic pastry recipes, including short, puff, hot water and suet pastry, as well as perfect side dishes, condiments and sauces, without forgetting the all important pies! Chapters include: Pastry dough; Techniques and tools; Starters and snacks; Vegetable pies; Fish and shellfish pies; Meat and poultry pies; Grand party pieces; Puddings; Perfect side dishes; Condiments and sauces; and Basic recipes to cover all manner of spice mixes and fillings. Welcome to The Pie Room.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 01 Jan 2022
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-911641-16-2