The Quick Guide to Parenting

By Laura Quick

Hilarious and beautiful drawings of everyday parenting woes from a leading fashion illustrator.

From what they said to the man at the bus stop, to where you found
the remote control, when you’re a parent, laughing at what gets
hurled in your direction is beyond important. Since 2012, fashion illustrator Laura Quick has been sketching scenes from daily domestic life on her blog, The Daily Think. Insightful, tender and very, very funny, the images have become hugely popular, and the very best of them are collected together in this exquisite and hilarious gift book.

All the bizarre moments and ridiculous conversations that are part of
being a parent are here, from the day Laura’s daughter tried to poke
her finger into a dog’s rear end, to the temper tantrums, and the
sense of relief when the school holidays are over.

Chronicling all manner of parenting fails and mishaps, the illustrations
are a welcome light relief for world-weary parents everywhere.

Format: Hardcover (A Format)
Release Date: 01 May 2017
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9781910232835

Trained as an illustrator, working in art direction, concept development and strategy, Laura Quick is a specialist in editorial Illustration and design as well as look books, ad campaigns, and Visual Merchandising.

She has worked closely with fashion photographers, artists and designers for over a decade. Laura began drawing and observing people for her blog, The Daily Think ( six years ago. Listening and observing at fashion shoots, in meetings, on the bus and, later on,
with kids in tow, in the playground. Laura now produces almost all her commercial work off the back of this observational and humorous style. Working for the likes of The Guardian, AnOther Magazine, The BBC, The Royal Opera House, Thames and Hudson and many more, her work moves more towards her fascination in people and their habits, their self-expression and individual characters. The Quick Guide to Parenting encompasses these interests.