The Right Fat: How to enjoy fats with over 50 simple, nutritious recipes for good health

By Nicola Graimes

It’s time to ditch the quick-fix diets and make fats work for you! Now, more than ever, we’re appreciating and understanding the vital role that fats play in our nutrition – but we have to be eating the right types in the right amounts for good health in the long term.

In this refreshing take on the most misunderstood macro of all, Nicola Graimes celebrates the right fats, highlighting their numerous health attributes – including being an important source of energy, vital for cell growth, hormone regulation, cognitive development and supporting good heart, gut and skin health – as well as the diversity and the sheer flavour they add to our meals.

Whether you’re a fan of a low-fat diet or a high-fat regime, this book dispels many of the myths surrounding fats, including which ones are healthy and the ones to avoid. Nicola also showcases the best ways to prepare and cook with fats for maximum nutrition and flavour.

With over 50 delicious and vibrant recipes covering Breakfasts, Small Plates, Big Plates, Sides and Treats as well as easy-to-understand nutritional advice, the book highlights that balance is key, with other food groups, such as good-quality plant proteins and right carbs, being equally important.

The Right Fat is a practical and inspirational approach to maintaining a healthy way of eating for long-term and lasting lifestyle improvement – and increased enjoyment!

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 07 Jan 2021
Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-1-911663-21-8
Nicola Graimes is an award-winning health, cookery and food writer. A former editor of Vegetarian Living magazine, she has written over 30 books and is winner of the Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the UK in the World Gourmand Awards 2002; Best Family Cookbook in the UK in the World Gourmand Awards 2004; and a finalist in Le Cordon Bleu World Media Awards in 2007. Her latest books include The Part-time Vegetarian and Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids and Superfoods Slow Cooker. She has also ghost-written a number of books for celebrities and food clients, including Holly Willoughby, WeightWatchers (WW), Ella’s Kitchen and Bay Tree. Her book Big Book of Low-Carb Recipes published in 2005 continues to sell well. It has UK and co-edition sales of over 120,000 copies and has been reprinted a number of times.