Toys to Sew: Over 25 Cuddly Projects to Love

By Claire Garland

From a plush pink elephant to a whimsical patchwork hobby horse to a cuddly ballerina doll, “Toys to Sew” boasts an enchanting collection of fabric toys that is sure to gather smiles from people of all ages. The projects use basic sewing and embroidery skills, and range from very simple to the slightly more complex.

Whether it’s a patchwork crocodile, a family of friendly hares or a pirate doll playmate, each of these projects are designed to inspire. All the instructions are clearly explained, with a useful list of the materials and equipment required at the start of each project. The pattern templates for fabric cutting are also included, as well as tip boxes giving handy hints to save time, or suggesting alternative ideas for embellishments.

If you want to make a unique gift for the child in your life, Claire’s inspirational patterns will make you want to pick up your needle and start sewing. “Toys to Sew” is the companion volume to “Toys to Knit”, which includes a range of desirable projects to knit from Rowan knitting consultant Tracy Chapman.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 29 Sep 2006
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-84340-351-7