Meet Elisabeth Dunker, blogger and author of Fine Little Day

Elisabeth Dunker is a Swedish blogger, writer, stylist, designer, photographer and artist. She has run the internationally acclaimed blog Fine Little Day since 2007. Elisabeth is involved in many exciting design collaborations with brands such as House of Rym, Urban Outfitters and IKEA. The book Fine Little Day is an irresistible patchwork of Elisabeth’s captivating interiors, inspiring ideas and lovingly accumulated collections.

We had a chat with Elisabeth about nature, her home and her work.

Hi Elisabeth, what is your source of inspiration?
I love handmade things. Folk art, outsider art, and in particular – kid’s art. I get inspired by trawling around flea markets and second hand stores.

We see a lot of forest in Fine Little Day. How important are the forest and the outdoors to your work?
The walks in the forest are primarily for my physical and mental wellbeing. I just cannot sit still too long. I like walking and especially in nature. When I was a kid and my parents wanted to do ‘something fun’ with us kids, they took us to the forest. I don’t believe I appreciated it as much then though, ha.

Showcased in Fine Little Day are some of your wonderful collections. What objects are you collecting at the moment?
Oh, right now I try to clear things out rather than getting them. But even though I – to a greater extent than earlier – try to photograph things I fall in love with rather than buying them, I still seem unable to leave certain things I stumble upon. Like old children’s books, or graphic potholders.

How would you describe the style of your home?
Do we have a style really? Our home is messy, that’s what I first think of when visualising it in my mind. We have too little room, and yet we have a big apartment. So I guess we (I) gather too much stuff. Actually, we’ve been looking for a new apartment for over a year now. I would love to move, clean and start all over again.

What is your favourite craft?
I love to watch people craft, but I’m not a crafter myself. I’m too impatient, restless and clumsy actually. But sometimes I ‘craft’ anyway, in my own way. I can’t state a favourite craft though, cause it depends on which mood I’m in and often I do it just once and never again.

What does a typical creative day in the life of Elisabeth Dunker look like?
There are no typical days in my life, unfortunately. Not only am I edgy with my hands, but with life and routines in general. I’m trying to calibrate my circadian rhythm at the moment and not work in the nights anymore. I make progress little by little. A thing that is recurrent is my daily walks. The creative process looks different every time.

Fine Little Day (Pavilion, £17.99) by Elisabeth Dunker is available now. Photography by Hilda Grahnat.

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