James Ramsden

<p>James Ramsden is a food writer, podcaster and founder of London-based Pidgin and Magpie restaurants. The author of four cookbooks, he has written about food and cookery for the <em>Guardian</em>, <em>The</em> <em>Times</em>, the <em>FT</em>, <em>Sainsbury’s Magazine</em>, <em>London Evening Standard</em> and writes a monthly column in <em>delicious. </em>magazine. He hosts a weekly podcast, the Kitchen is on Fire, with his friend and business partner Sam Herlihy. He has built a reputation for creating exciting, trendy, tasty food <em>without </em>the gaga gourmet, and yet he is also known for his relaxed and sociable presence among the guests.</p>

Books by James Ramsden