Every Last Crumb: From fresh loaf to final crust, recipes to make the most of your bread

By James Ramsden

Every Last Crumb is a collection of thrifty, delicious dishes designed to make the most of your bread, minimise food waste, and inspire creativity. Comprising around 80 recipes, each chapter looks at a day in the life of a loaf and offers a variety of exciting ways to use it.

“This isn’t a baking book. It’s an eating book” – James Ramsden.

Inspired by the traditional cookbooks of yesteryear, Every Last Crumb fuses old-fashioned culinarily resourcefulness with a modern palette to create a giftable book with a zero-waste mentality at its core; from classic sandwiches and bread and butter pudding, to brown bread ice cream and even fermented rye bread beer.

Filled with beautiful line drawings, this nostalgic cookbook offers a retro feel with a broad appeal, in particular for those who consider themselves foodies – home cooks and food lovers, amateur bakers, cooks who like variety and novelty, and who occasionally want to step outside their comfort zone.

Taking you through the five day life cycle of the loaf, each chapter offers a range of recipes to suit your loaf, making sure you make the most of your leftovers in the most delicious way. With thousands of people across the nation having rediscovered the joy of baking during lockdown, this is the modern antidote to reducing waste, using the whole loaf and a little culinary ingenuity.

Chapters include:
Day One – A Freshly Baked Loaf
Day Two – Toast & Friends
Day Three- Salads & Puddings
Day Four – Crusts
Day Five – Crumbs

Word Count: 21,008

Format: Hardcover
Release Date: 04 Oct 2022
Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-1-911663-99-7
James Ramsden started his career as a food writer and cookery book author, writing four cookbooks over the course of three years. As one of the founders of the supper club movement, he transformed his own, the Secret Larder, into a bricks and mortar restaurant – Pidgin – winning a Michelin star in 2016 and Observer Food Monthly’s Best Restaurant in 2017. He also runs Sons + Daughters, an eclectic sandwich shop in Kings Cross, and hosts the cult food podcast, The Kitchen Is On Fire, chatting to weekly guests including Dolly Alderton, James Norton, Giles Coren and Fergus Henderson.

”'This book is a love letter to bread from toast to soup, salad to pudding. A total joy.” - - Anna Jones

”'A delightful romp through some of the sexier things you can do with a good loaf.” - - Thomasina Miers