Stella Weller

Stella Weller was born in British Guiana, known since Independance as Guyana. At the conclusion of her education in South America, Stella travelled to England where she trained as a State Registered Nurse at London’s famous Charing Cross Hospital. She is married with two adult children and now lives in Canada, where for more than 15 years, she worked in the Department of Psychiatry at Surrey Memorial Hospital in British Columbia, caring for clients with a wide range of stress-related and other disorders.

After studying Hatha yoga in Vancouver, Stella went on to become an instructor in Hatha, conducting classes for the Surrey Parks and Recreation Commission and other facilities. She has also taught stress management for the Surrey School District. Not only have the disciplines inherent in yoga become an integral part of Stella’s life, but she has also taught certain techniques to her clients, particularly those with conditions such as depression and anxiety.

She is the author of ‘Yoga for Children’, ‘The Yoga Back Book’, ‘Easy Pregnancy with Yoga’ and ‘Yoga Therapy’.

Stella has been a guest on television and radio in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Books by Stella Weller